The Sweet Corner

There comes a time in everyone's day when hunger strikes. Sometimes it's a very specific and special hunger: You crave--you need--something sweet! Here at The Sweet Corner, our goal is to satisfy every sweet craving you could possibly have. We have desserts, drinks, snacks and surprises in a rainbow of flavors. We could spend all day describing our extensive menu, but the real test is in the tasting. Come for a visit and discover how many ways you can treat yourself!

We specialize in milk tea and boba. Not familiar with these tasty confections? All the rage in Asia, and spreading like wildfire around the world, these fruity and colorful drinks combine tea with a variety of additions. Add boba pearls, jellies, puddings or ice cream. Some staff and customer favorites include Red Velvet frappe, taro milk tea (made with real taro, not a mix), peach tea with boba, lavender tea and many, many more! Our boba is made from tapioca pearls and is always fresh, chewy and delicious.

More About Us!

But unlike some tea shops, we go way beyond the call of duty! We serve a huge variety of desserts that go great with our drinks menu and are almost as good alone. We load our dessert case with a dreamy selection of cakes, creme brulée, cheesecakes and whatever else we can think up to make you happy. Customers tell us every day how much they love our mochi, and we sell so many cream puffs it's hard to keep up! Our tiramisu sends our customers into raptures; the combination of cream, espresso and delicate lady's fingers is somehow magical. If you haven't tried a Vietnamese che dessert, now is the time! While there are many different kinds of che, they all involve delicious, fresh ingredients made with traditional Vietnamese recipes. Give them a try. We know you'll be a convert!

You'll love our cozy location in San Jose's Vietnam Town. Spend an hour or two with us and you'll know why we are the most popular tea and dessert shop around!